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Poetry books

The poetry book I read lately
Milk & Honey, Rupi Kaur
The Princess Save Herself This Time, Amanda Lovelace

Although they touch various topics on their respective books but they both mention childhood abuse. I don't know it's essential in poetry books.

(note the sarcasm)

This is like the universe telling me, in the face, the bitter truth for the countless time in my life.

The same period, which was last year, when I read book after book with the same theme: depression.
My reaction was that I threw a cynical stare into an empty room, and said,
"You did it on purpose, didn't you?"

I'm that type who see the quote on tumblr, then I think it's interesting to read, so yeah, I'll put it on to-read list. I don't read the synopsis or what that book is about, generally. It takes a quote on tumblr to nudge me in the gut and say to myself, 'You need to read this!'.

going to see nature like this let me rewind myself

The universe work in the mysterious way.
But if I'm allowed, can you throw me happiness
right after the bitter moments?

I've written the review on one of the books: Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

The poetry book I read after those two are three of Lang Leav's. Unpopular opinion: reading poetry above love worn me out. It's like eating something too sweet for your likings. And I end up skimming it, instead of reading it. I know most of you enjoy Lang Leav's work but I don't think it suit my mood at the time.

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