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Lemme share a funny story

The discussion two nights ago was aboutsoulmates and that stuff. 

This friend, her neighbor 'tagged' her as sister-in-law to-be and asked if she wanted to marry her brother. She smiled and said well, I haven't finished my degree, so I had no intention to go that way
Years went through, the proposal was still intact. That neighbor asked her again.  Then, my friend listed more reasons to say no. As polite as possible. Turned out it seemed like the other party got the message and back off.

one cozy crook at Eastman Resto Semarang

Now, wherever she's out there and mingle, there were always people commenting on how why she's forever alone and how girl around her age should go off and get married. Find a husband and settle.
Listening to that, I looked at her horrified, like, how unfortunate she always met people commenting and judging her status. One of them actually said

"Honestly, you need to find husband, really! All you do is hanging out here and there, how can you control yourself, if no one controlling you? You'd end up doing all bad things."

then her respond is gold:
"Well, I can control my self. I don't need anyone to stop and remind me. I am, definitely and unabashedly, my own."

I feel sorry for that person because her advice failed and wasted to the drain. 

The thing is that the society shaming us, women, cannot have freedom and have sense of control to do right things. When someone's growing up believing that she not yet succeed until she gets married, it's just... sad. Simply because the society says so and you need to do it.
I definitely want to say thank you to my mother who always leave options open for me. And I thank my family member who doesn't nudge me and bully me because of my relationship status. And also, to the people that I meet everyday, they never throw anything on my way like that disrespectful person above. 

You can do whatever you want. 
Don't let someone make you believe the otherwise.

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