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Two amusing comics I love the most:

  Happy_Cafe/Shiawase_Kissa_Choume              Kodocha_Child's_Play/Kodomo_No_Omocha

I first read Kodomo No Omocha. I used to be a member of comic rental near my junior high school. On that day I randomly picked new comics, and it's Kodomo No Omocha numbs 1. I didnt have any idea that I'd fall in love with the comics. Maybe that's when I was in sophomore year of JHS. Although the character was juvenile and all that, I LOVE the comic and the story. 6-year-old students act like mature. Wew, I cant describe it well. You want an unique love story in comic? I suggest you to pick this comic. All romance, amusing scenes, friendships, family stuff are all stuffed in this comics. The story might happen to you or your sister or your brother or your future children. Hmmm... Anyway, there're 10 series of them. I got series 1 and 3 last week on some book store for only 5,000. Not bad, huh?

My sophomore friends in high school (Pipit and Ramphink) love to rent comic from a rental comics, different place though. And once they brought this baby to school. It's common students crime, brought and read comics in class in the middle of lessons. But as far as I remember, I read the comics on break time. However, I was attracted to read the comic----> because Rampink always had a big laugh when she read it. Eventhough she is a LAUGH person, I was still curious though. And I found out it's really amusing. So, next day I asked Pipit to rent the comics. Haha, it's not only me who read it. Ochie, Mithy, and the other girls also enjoyed it. Until now I still wait for series 13. I wonder how many series again are there? And will Uru-chan date Shindou? or Ichirou-kun can make her with him? haha... I'd stick till the end.

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